• PV and solar thermal roof
  • Windows
  • 3000-litre rainwater harvesting tank
  • UdiReco external wall insulation
  • Spacetherm internal wall insulation
  • Painting and finishing

About Us

Co-operative Living Freehold Society owns the freehold to properties which are leased to housing co-operatives, whose members are the residents, thus collectively controlling their own accommodation. We are registered as an Industrial and Provident Society with not-for-profit and common ownership rules.

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For Investors

Why should young people - who care about the environment - be locked out of having the chance to live in decent, energy-efficient housing?

If you have capital to invest and would like to find out how it could be used for social and environmental benefit, whilst providing you with a reasonable rate of return <read more>

For Tenants

Our first house is located in Withington, south Manchester.

We are also interested in speaking to other groups who are looking for accommodation for our next eco-house project.

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